TV's: Hottest Big Ticket Item on Black Friday, Thousands Sold in River Region


By Heather VacLav

Thousands of shoppers braved the crowds in Montgomery, many with a special list of items in mind, but not everyone was able to get what they wanted. 

Some shoppers even came back for round two of Black Friday, to pick over what's left of the big ticket items.

The hottest big-ticket item in the River Region: TV's.

“TVs, TVs, everybody at Best Buy had a TV,” said Tania Jones of Montgomery. Jones has been up for more than 24-hours, in search of a television.

Unfortunately, Jones said with a snap of her fingers, “The TVs went like that!”

Thousands of discounted televisions flew off the shelves in Montgomery stores Thursday night and all day Friday.

“In Prattville, the Best Buy line was wrapped around the building, the Target line was wrapped around the building, and all I wanted was a TV,” Jones said.

By mid-afternoon on Black Friday, Best Buy was full of people scrambling to nab TV's marked down by 40 to 60-percent, waited to check out.

“That's what this whole line is about,” pointed Clinton Peters. “All these TVs, everyone wants one,” he said. “Everyone wants the big screen since the [Iron Bowl] football game is coming on tomorrow.”

It's not just TVs, all sorts of electronics are in high demand, like the new iPad Mini which sold out at Montgomery's Best Buy Friday.

Many people say they finished all their Christmas shopping Black Friday. “I got some video games, DVD, a surround sound system, and I'm looking at getting a TV,” Nowell White said walking around Best Buy with his family.

And even though many stores ran out of their door buster deals within a few hours of being open, shoppers are still spending, even if it's not on their list.

“I just saw this and it was such a great deal, almost half off,” Charlotte Smith said wheeling out a power wheels car at Target. “I just decided, you know what, my son would really love this.”

Many people out shopping Friday say there were not happy with retailers choice to bump up Black Friday to Thanksgiving night, but others say these kinds of deals make the hassle of Black Friday worth it come Christmas.

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