Bill Cosby Speaks At Tuskegee University


By Amanda Wade

Hundreds of people packed a Tuskegee University arena to hear Bill Cosby speak. His message was about the value of education and respect, and he says he wants to see a shift in youth culture.

"See these colleges way before you were not founded on a football helmet ," says Bill Cosby, Keynote Speaker for Tuskegee Homecoming Weekend.
Although he calls himself a late bloomer to formal education, Cosby told Tuskegee students he believes it is the pathway to a successful life.
"Vulgarity is not our culture.  It never has been.  Hard work has been our culture," says Cosby.
Cosby says there needs to be a shift in society.  To do that, he says young people must respect themselves, children, and women.
Cosby says, "Where is the stupidity of calling the female...your sister, your whatever, somebody else's sister, and then for your sisters to hear it, and get up and dance to it. What's wrong with you?"
His words sent a powerful message to the audience, young and old, who called the message inspiring. When Cosby finished his speech, the entire audience gave him a standing ovation.  
Tuskegee University gave Cosby an award for being a distinguished speaker at the University.  

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