Bill O'Reilly Speaks at Faulkner University Benefit Dinner


By Alabama News Network

Television personality and best selling author Bill O'Reilly is in Montgomery, headlining a benefit dinner. General Admission tickets started at $150 and the prices only go up from there. So where does the money from the event end up?

If you came to hear television personality Bill O'Reilly speak, you paid anywhere from 150 dollars to 100 thousand dollars. It's quite a bit of money but Faulkner's Director of PR and Communications Dave Hogan says it all goes to a good cause.

''Probably over the years, its safe to say that hundreds, maybe thousands of students have been helped,'' he says.

It helps students like Autumn Swindoe. Faulkner's annual benefit dinner is the school's main fundraiser each year.  Money from the event goes to students in the form of scholarships.

''We are very appreciative,'' says Swindoe. ''It takes off one third of what we would have to pay thanks to all off our alumni and all of our benefit events.''

Bill O'Reilly spoke to a packed house. The commentator spoke on all topics ranging from politics to popular culture. Those is attendance say they'll continue to support Faulkner's benefit dinners because of the popular headliners chosen each year.

''He's just my type of a person,'' says fan Georgia Strickland. ''I understand all he talks about every night.''

''I come every year,'' says Katie Cleghorn. ''I was here for Sarah Palin and President Bush and Laura Bush and then Bill O'Reilly.

So, while other universities get money for scholarships from donors, businesses and the government, Hogan says Faulkner will continue to generate money from their benefit dinners because the response is always good.

''For really the past four years starting with Sarah Palin, then President George Bush, then Laura Bush last year, and now with Bill O'Reilly, we've had pretty much a sold out house all four years so the response has been really good,'' says Hogan.

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