Black Friday Shoppers Line Up For Early Deals Thanksgiving Night


By Ashley Thompson

Some retailers are trying to lure more shoppers into their stores by opening tonight.

Black Friday has come a day early this year. More and more retailers have opened their doors to get the after dinner crowd. As a result, people have had to line up earlier than ever before.

"I did 8 hours last night and today I'm getting ready to do 7-8 more," says Black Friday shopper Sid Haywood.

Some people had to leave Thanksgiving dinner early. They traded turkey and cranberry sauce for umbrellas to shield them from the sun and blankets to keep them warm at night while waiting in lines.

"I made sure I did everything early so now everything would be kosher," says shopper Houston George.

"It's okay. I spent time with the family ahead of time so I could come to Black Friday," says shopper John Solomon.

Retailers are slashing the prices on toys, clothes and appliances. But the most sought after items seem to be electronics.

And it appears that those who waited in line are confident that they will get what they came for.

"I'm going to get this TV. I'm going to get it," says Solomon.

At some stores, tickets were given to those who waited in line for hours so they are guaranteed to get the big door buster deals.

Most of these stores will be open through the night and stores are expecting to see people at all hours.



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