Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bond Reduced for Troy Man Accused of Raping Two Women
By Jessica Gertler

A man accused of raping two women on the same day in Troy appears before a judge today, and his bond is reduced.

This afternoon, a judge reduced Andre Ellis's bond to $150,000 for each rape charge, and Ellis's defense attorney tells CBS 8 News his client thinks he can make bail as early as today.

Andre Ellis, better known in the community as Mr. Shine, made his way into the Pike County Court House for a bond hearing for burglary and two rape charges.

Ellis's bond was reduced $100,000 from the original $450,000 that a judge granted him last month.

Police say Ellis raped two women, a former and current Troy University student, on March 26 within hours of each other at Hunter's Mountain Mobile Estates.

Investigators say Ellis, who is a former solider and a Troy business owner, lived close to the two victims.

While Ellis's defense claims there's still no DNA evidence, police say they are standing by their investigation.

"This does not change anything in the direction of what we're taking on this case," say Sgt. Benny Scarbrough with the Troy Police. "In fact, this case is a prosecution case now, so we feel very confident about it and we'll go from here."

Back when Ellis was arrested in March, a judge revoked Ellis's bond, because he said did not appear in court for charges including writing bad checks.

Ellis's case will head to grand jury on July 31. He will also appear in court in August for a theft by deception charge.