Brawl at Montgomery Gas Station Goes Viral


By Ashley Thompson

Shocking video of an apparent brawl at a gas station in Montgomery is getting a lot of views on the internet. But some say the video is giving Montgomery a black eye.

A fight between several females breaks out at a Montgomery gas station. Punches are thrown, hair is pulled and even clothes come off. The gas station does have security, but even they can't seem to get the situation under control. The incident is captured on video and uploaded to the web. Now, that video has over one million views on the popular entertainment website World Star Hip Hop and some people are speaking out against it.

"It makes Montgomery look bad because that's where it happened," says resident Oliver Wells. "Second of all, it makes women look bad - it makes black women look bad. Like that's all they want to do is fight and fuss."

"It was a disgrace to me," says Alabama State University student Corneisha Calhoun. "I feel like the security didn't do their jobs at all."

We found the man responsible for the video. His name is Cecil Hicks and he's a photographer based in Montgomery. He tells us he stopped by the Raceway to grab a drink that evening after shooting pictures for a nightclub and says it was road rage that started the fight.

"Man, it was road rage," says Hicks. "It was road rage. Somebody tried to turn but sometimes at night, people get attitudes. So then, people don't want to let them by so the next thing you know, words were exchanged."

After words were exchanged, a full-out brawl followed. Although some people are upset that it was captured on video, Hicks says it's nothing new.

"The same exact stuff goes on everywhere you go," he says. "You can't blame it on Montgomery. I mean, if you go to Atlanta you'll see the same thing. If you go up north a little bit you'll see the same thing."

However, not everyone agrees. Councilman Arch Lee saw the video and says those fighting in it should face consequences.

"There were some tags that were shown, I think we need to find these people and prosecute them to the fullest extent because we certainly don't need it here or anywhere," says Lee. "It's just a shame."

Alabama News Network did also speak with the owner of that Raceway gas station. He did not want to go on camera but tells us he has been in talks with Montgomery Police Chief Kevin Murphy about the fight.

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