Brundidge in Court Over Landfill Suit Against Coffee Co.


By Brittany Bivins

Attorneys for the City of Brundidge and the Coffee County Commission met before a Pike County judge Thursday. It's the first step in a long process for the court to rule whether the landfill purchase is legal.

The Brundidge Landfill's gates are locked. Its bankrupt owner, Transload America, is trying to sell it to Coffee County, something Brundidge is fighting in court.

"Particularly when the code appears to be very clear about what one government can do and can't do in another government's jurisdiction, it's very frustrating," said City Manager Britt Thomas.

Pike County leaders say if Coffee County owns the only landfill in the area it might drive up costs for everyone else. Thursday, lawyers for Coffee County said the suit should be thrown out, because Brundidge didn't file an official claim first. But Brundidge lawyers say they think Coffee County is trying to drag out the process.

"I think from their perspective, they're trying to tie it up, I mean an extra 225 tons a day, probably equates to a minimum of $750,000 a year to them, so you know, they're looking at it from a financial standpoint and we are also," said Thomas.

We tried to speak to lawyers for the Coffee County commission, but they would not agree to an interview. Coffee County administrator Rod Thomas said he would not release a statement until the litigation is complete.

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