Bullock Co. Deputies Investigating Burglary at Franklin Field Airport


By Brittany Bivins

Bullock County deputies are trying to find whoever broke into the Franklin Field airport in Union Springs earlier this week.

Bullock County Sheriff Raymond Rodgers says members of the Bullock County Airport Authority called Tuesday morning to say someone had broken into the hangar. The burglars made off with a utility trailer and four quarts of airplane oil.

Rodgers says deputies believe there may be more than one burglar who may have knowledge of the area.

"Once you get on the inside, you go up to the gate and it's automatic open, and they automatic opened that gate and drove a vehicle inside of it and went into the hangar, broke into the hangar," said Rodgers.

It's a crime that's impacted everyone who keeps a plane at Franklin Field.

"You feel kind of violated after knowing that you're going to have to take one of these pieces of machinery and rely on it for your life when somebody else has been tampering with it, because you don't know what to expect," said Larry Stewart with the Bullock County Airport Authority.

And even though the burglars didn't take much, they could face federal charges since the airport authority must report the crime to Homeland Security because it involves aircrafts.

"When the premises have been violated, we don't know what they did when they broke in. They could have disabled an aircraft," said Stewart.

Sheriff's deputies say they found tire tracks at the scene that could help them identify the vehicle. If you have any information about the burglary, you can call the Bullock County Sheriff's Office at (334) 738-2670

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