Bullock Co. School Superintendent: Vandalism at High School Part of Senior Prank


By Brittany Bivins

School officials say students are behind Wednesday's vandalism spree that caused hundreds of dollars in damages at Bullock County High School.

Bullock County School Superintendent Keith Stewart says between 15 and 20 seniors are accused of emptying trash bags, throwing eggs and bringing live chickens into the school.

Union Springs Police say some of them have confessed, but others are denying any involvement.

Stewart says the school system is reviewing video surveillance to help them identify the students.

Police believe the vandalism was part of a "senior prank." Close to 90 students were set to graduate from the school next week, but this change that.

"A serious offense could be, result in expulsion. I realize the impact that that could have on our graduation rate, but in life, you know, we have to teach our students that no one is above the law," said Stewart.

The seniors could also be punished by not being allowed to walk at graduation. Stewart says the district hopes to make that decision by Monday.

He says he hopes this makes students realize that senior pranks aren't worth the damage they can cause.

"A lof these pranks, the students want to make their mark. Make your mark by doing something positive, by doing something good for the community," said Stewart.

Criminal charges can still be filed against the students. No arrests have been made.


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