Bullock County High School Football Coach Terminated


By Sarah Cantey

 It's the middle of football season and the Bullock County hornets are heading into their game tonight, without their head coach. The board of education voted to terminate Coach Charles Winchester at a special called meeting earlier this week. 

The Bullock County hornets haven't won a game this season or last. But the superintendent says attendance issues are the reason the head coach lost his title. 
Superintendent Keith Stewart says the coach came in last year with a vision for the hornets, "There's not a finer man on earth than Charlie Winchester."
"The things he's done for our facilities just trying to make sure the kids look good, they're safe," he said. 
But this year, questions were raised about the head coach not showing up to practice. "We met with coach regarding those concerns, and I just didn't see any improvement in it," he said. 
Christopher Smith's two sons are on the team and he says the players did take notice. "He said he had excuses, doctors excuses attendance was excused from my understanding." 
So, the school board approved the superintendent's recommendation to pay out the remainder of Winchester's $6,000 football contract. But, let him remain as a health teacher at the high school.
Marcus Cooper said, "it's so hard for a coach to come in and teach." 
Marcus Cooper worked on the high school coaching staff for about 15 years and he says he understands how tough of a job it can be to coach novice players..
"They didn't have the fundamentals they never played football, they were never familiar with it," he said.  
He's worked for years to get the pee wee program up and running to help build those fundamentals. And parents like Christopher Smith hope that will help turn around the football program. 
Christopher Smith said, "starting them from a younger age things are going to get better." 
Alabama News Network did speak with Charles Winchester on the phone and he was willing to share his story but wants to have his attorney present. 
Right now Joshua Chambers, who was already on the coaching staff, has been named interim head coach.The principal will lead a search committee for a new coach at the end of this season. 

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