Burglaries On The Rise In Montgomery County


By Alabama News Network

With homes miles apart and only a few cars on the road, thieves are finding it's easier to steal farther out in the county. 

But Sheriff's Deputies are stepping up patrols.

"We started a burglary task force that pretty much, where we have a detail where the deputies ride the residential area every day hoping that we can catch some of these burglars," said Montgomery County Sheriff Chief Deputy Derrick Cunningham.
And businesses are taking notice too. Cedric Wyatt owns Wyatt's super market, and he knows that deputies can't stop every crime. 
"They're faced with an almost impossible task because we are so spread out down here. We're doing all that we can to help them. Most everybody now has home alarms and business alarms and just being good neighbors and watching out for each other," said Wyatt.
Chief Deputy Derrick Cunningham says that there have already been 161 burglaries across the county this year. And it's even harder for deputies if home owners don't have alarms.
"We're driving by this house right here and if someone was committing a burglary there without an alarm going off, with my deputies out patrolling, it's hard for them to be able to determine if that's a burglary or just a car at that house," said Chief Cunningham.
Wyatt is taking all the precautions he can after the Cash Bargains grocery was broken into earlier this week. Officers caught the 14 year old suspect on the scene, but that's not the only person burglarizing the county. 
"We have alarms and just being vigil. Just noticing and paying attention. I don't want to give away any of my secrets," said Wyatt.

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