Businesses are Back on the Boulevard in Montgomery


By Jessica Gertler

Recently, a handful of businesses have opened on Eastern Boulevard. Could the area be making a comeback?

Eastern Boulevard is one of the busiest thoroughfares in Montgomery, but storefronts along the street aren't so busy. In fact, many are empty.

But that trend may be turning around.

"It's centrally located and it's nice to be around this area," says Al Oliver, New Beginning Barber and Style Owner. "Since I have moved up here to the Eastern Boulevard, I have noticed business picking up drastically."

A couple months ago, Oliver moved in, and customers couldn't be happier.

"It's helping Montgomery grow and bringing more people into these empty buildings and revitalizing this part of the city," says customer Kenneth Bell.

Recently, Pep Boys Automotive, Screen Golf, a pet care center and World's Gym have found themselves on the boulevard.

You may take that as a sign that things are turning around. Marcus Wilson does. He says it's proof the economy is improving.

"I was away from Montgomery for many years and of course, Eastern Boulevard was just starting, but when I came back, it looks pretty full to me. There are some empty stores, but I see some full now. It's really a positive trend for the city," he says.

The city says they are continuously working on recruiting more business to the The city says they are continuously working on recruiting more business to the boulevard.

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