Butler Co. School System Needs Community Input On School Consolidation Proposal


By Catalina Trivino

The Butler County Board of education has proposed a plan to consolidate two elementary schools in Greenville...

For years, Greenville Elementary and W.O. Parmer Elementary schools have been split, but now there's talk about a possible consolidation between the schools.

The Butler County Board of Education is looking for your input on whether Greenville Elementary School and W.O. Parmer Elementary school should be consolidated into one school.

The schools are located on the same property. One school holds kindergarten through second grade;tThe other holds third through fourth grade -- totaling about 900 students and 100 staff members.

But should they consolidate...

"They would be afforded more electives and different electives. Maybe foreign languages, which we don't have at this time and really meeting their needs, trying to do some advanced curriculums for students," Said W.O. Parmer  Elementary School Principal, Catherine Tanner.

Some board of education members say combining the schools would give staff more schedule flexibilty -- but W.O. Parmer Elementary School teacher, Rosa Smith, says with about 70 staff members, that's just enough for her school.

"We have enough personnel for the student body in both schools. There's enough resources, you know? So, I don't see why," Said Smith.

And the available resources is what's an issue for parent, Angela Green. She says pulling them together would help the schools.

"One of the issues that did come up was the elementary school doesn't really have everything that we're used to at W.O. Parmer, which is a big deal because my son is actually involved in a lot of extra curricular activities. It's his outlet. It's something we love doing, so I think pulling those resources together would help," Said Green.

We reached out to Superintendent Darren Douthitt, who was unavailable for an on-camera interview, but he says he believes consolidating the schools would help expand student resources. Greenville Elementary School Principal, Bryant Marlow, did not comment.

Staff and parents can give their input on whether they feel the schools should consolidate.

Just visit the Butler County School Systems website at http://www.butlerco.k12.al.us/ to fill out their survey. You can also attend the next school board meeting on June 13th.



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