CBS 8 Campaign 2012 The City Vote: Brundidge


By Jessica Gertler

CBS 8 News is continuing to cover city elections that are happening across our area, and tonight we make a stop in Brundidge, and look at the candidates running for Mayor.

Incumbent Jimmy Ramage is up against two others in the race for Mayor of Brundidge. CBS 8 caught up with all three candidates and asked them what they envision for the city.

Jamie Powell is new to the game, but he says he has something others don't.

Powell says he's just an average Joe looking to make a difference, and he says that starts with improving the economy, public safety and recreational activities for children.

"We need someone in there that is actually going to do something that the people want to do, and somebody that's going to work with the community. I intend to keep the people informed and involved," says Powell.

Mayor Jimmy Ramage is also seeking re-election, and says he's running on his 35 plus years of experience. He says he's helped keep the city alive by filling empty storefronts on Main Street and recruiting hundreds of jobs.
"In Brundidge, right now, we have more jobs today then we've ever had in this community," says Ramage.

Michael Foster, who is a pastor and criminal justice professor at Troy University, is the third to qualify for the job. He says the city needs three things: more businesses, transparency, and balance.

"No one person or group of persons can run the city. I think the city can be run by everybody. We are a democracy," he says.

For Brundidge business owners like Pretty Patel, her vote will come down to who can best draw outsiders to the downtown area.

"That would be nice to bring more people in, because there are a lot of people going to Panama City Beach and coming from Georgia on the local routes," Patel says.

Elections are being held August 28, and polls in Brundidge are open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

People in all five districts in Brundidge will vote at Haisten Hardware Store on Main Street.

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