Campaign 2012 The City Vote: Marion


By George McDonald

Marion Mayor Anthony Long is running for re-election-- but he's facing a challenge from local businessman and radio evangelist-- the Rev. Eddie Perry.

Incumbent Anthony Long says he wants to continue to improve the city's infrastructure.

"City of Marion has had some of the hardest financial times in the last eight years than they ever had in the history of Marion, to keep it stable, keep our bills paid, keep our employees working, that's a big issue. The next issue, if re-elected I want to pave these streets," said Long.

Challenger, the Reverend Eddie Perry, says his campaign is about progress and unity in the city.

"The point that we're in now is that we're standing still and maybe backing up while the other cities around us are gradually growing so we must do something about it, first of all we must come together as citizens and make up our minds that we're going to work together to move forward," said Perry.

The city of Marion is the county seat of Perry County and has a population of about 42-hundred people.

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