Campaign 2012 The City Vote: McKenzie (Part 2)


By Catalina Trivino

We have another profile of an area mayor's race. In the Butler County town of McKenzie, the race for mayor has five candidates.


Incumbent Melvin Shufford, plus Lester Odom and Mickeal Rogers are three of the candidates.

Shufford says he wants to finish what he started and continue to make progress. Odom hopes to use the city's resources more efficiently. Rogers wants to attract new business. They all say something needs to be done to bring life back into McKenzie.


"We've got some streets. Streets need paving... and we have been trying to get it done. But we haven't been able to do that yet. But we're still working on that," Said Shufford.


"I would like to better use our resources to do the best job I can to better serve the citizens. I would like to seek more grants. I would like to seek business that would compliment the businesses we now have," Said Odom.


"I would like to have a full time police department here in McKenzie. I'd like something for our senior citizens like a daycare for them in the afternoons. And I'd like something for the children to be able to do here in the town of McKenzie," Said Rogers.


Bill Henry and Kevin Henry are also running for mayor.

Kevin Henry is the grandson of Bill Henry.


See "Campaign 2012 The City Vote: McKenzie (Part 1)" to meet those candidates.


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