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By Catalina Trivino


With less than two weeks away from elections, it's no secret that the mayoral races across Alabama are heated. We meet the three candidates running for mayor in the city of Opp.

Mayor H.D Edgar hopes to walk through these doors for another four years. He's seeking his third term as mayor.

"I have a real simple platform," Said Mayor Edgar. "Honesty, integrity and hard work. That's what I'm about and that's why I think people should vote for me. I'm going to give the city more than I take, that's for sure."

But an issue concerning business owners is also one of the top of concerns for many residents. As you can see, the 331 Bypass, built almost 10 years ago, has tourists passing Opp. Many say something needs to be done to bring life back into the city.

"We've got some industrial businesses out there, we've got a new hotel, we've got a restaurant that's doing real well. It's beginning to take off, but it's going to take time. At this time, we are actively seeking a McDonalds to go out there, a Travel Plaza, but we're working on those things. It just takes time to put them together," Said Edgar.

Also running is Jimmy Rogers, who has served as District 2 councilmember for 20 years. He was unavailable to speak with us, but he issued a statement saying he's running because he's concerned about his town. Rogers tells CBS 8 he worries about Opp's high utility rates, the lack of a street paving program and the city's business sector.

And Opp's Downtown Redevelopment Authority Chairman, John Bartholomew, says his goal is to raise income for residents. His main focus? Jobs.

"Bringing in the large manufacturing plant will develop the bypass, but you still need the heartbeat of downtown and that's the core of your city. If you lose that, you've lost everything," Said Opp mayoral candidate, Bartholomew.

Residents are anxious to see what will come of Opp after the election. Many say they'll have the economy in mind as they make their vote.

"We need someone in office that has some connections to bring some jobs... to build some buildings out there so some companies can come in on all that land around the bypass," Said Todd Prescott.

Two school board seats are also up for grabs and 13 candidates are running for city council positions. Bobby Owens, who is running for District 1, is unopposed.

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