Would Mtgy. Mayor Todd Strange Help in Search for Superintendent?


By Ashley Thompson

Does the Montgomery County school board need help in selecting a new superintendent?

Some people think so and they believe the Mayor could steer the school board in the right direction.

Parents are still talking about Barbara Thompson's early departure as Montgomery Public Schools Superintendent. As the Montgomery County school board sets their sights on finding a new superintendent, some say it's time for Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange to get more involved.

"I'm a parent and he needs to be involved with things that go on with the public," says Jacqueline Manore.

"I just think he needs to get involved," says Rachel Swore.

Though others say the Mayor should have nothing to do with the search for a superintendent.

"It's sad because so many schools have been closed down because of the mayor," Sharhonda Seovall.  

Mayor Strange tells us he had little to nothing to do with the hiring of Barbara Thompson. In fact, he says he supported the interim superintendent, Clay Slagle, at the time Thompson was hired. So, would he want to get more involved this time?

"I would at least want to have some input to that, or sort of, have a seat at the table if you will," he says.

Currently, the school board is made up of seven elected members and they don't require the Mayor's input regarding any hires.

"That doesn't mean they can't reach out and listen to other stakeholders and I would just hope that we would be one of those stakeholders."

There have been talks of starting a city school system and breaking away from Montgomery Public Schools, which covers the entire county.

Mayor Strange says it is not the priority but the issue is not off the table.


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