Candidates Debate For Jay Love's Vacant House Seat


By Josh Ninke

The election to fill Jay Love's vacant house seat is less than a month away. The three candidates had one of their first opportunities to be in the same room and talk to voters. 

After shaking hands and meeting voters, Heather Sellers, Charlotte Meadows, and Dimitri Polizos fielded questions from the audience. The event was hosted by the Alabama Retired State Employees Association, so many in the crowd are concerned about why they're not getting more benefits from the State.
"One of the things we need to look at is where the money is going. Where the state is throwing money away. Under the county commission we've given some raises over the last few years and the county brings in money just like the state does," said Polizos. 

"I will definitely dig in and see where we can find money for you to have that increase. You deserve that increase. Since 2006 you have not received one. Groceries have gone up over 15% since then," said Sellers. 
"The solution is to address the medicaid and the department of corrections budgets and make sure that we are doing everything possible to be effective and efficient in those budgets. So that there is money left over in the general fund for retired employees and for our state employees to receive raises," said Meadows. 
The candidates definitely made an impression on voters, leaving many with an idea of who to vote for.
"It was a great forum. They all did excellent. I was very impressed. Now I think I have my mind set on who my candidate is more so than before," said Rhea Kamburis.
"Yeah, I made a decision," agreed Dot Dilly. 
You can get out and vote for that election on October 8.
If you haven't registered to vote, there's still time before the special election for House District 74, which covers part of Montgomery.  
The last day to send in your information and vote for this election is September 28. 

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