Carver's Jeremy Johnson Sees Success at Auburn, Friends Thrilled


By Ashley Thompson

 It was his first time starting as quarterback for Auburn and his friends are still talking about that game.

He's this week's SEC freshman of the week and he earned that title, throwing for 201 yards and four touchdowns in Auburn's homecoming game against Western Carolina. Jeremy Johnson is a product of Carver High School, where he excelled in both football and basketball. His friends tell us they knew he'd be just as successful in college.

"It was a big deal especially for Montgomery and all the Carver alumni," says Carver student Tatyana Calhoun. "They were really watching the game and into it. It was awesome."

"It was his first year playing and then he's a freshman!" says student Keyanna Abbul-malik.

Carver Head Football Coach Billy Gresham watched Johnson work hard and become one of the school's most recognized athletes. Johnson was awarded the 2012 Mr. Football Award, an award given to the best high school football player in Alabama and Gresham says he knew it was only a matter of time before he shined at Auburn.

"He had a great performance," he says. "Anytime you throw four touchdowns as a quarterback, that's always big."

But Gresham tells us he was a bit apprehensive watching Johnson's debut.

"I was kind of nervous, it being his first college football game. But I knew once he settled in that football is football but at that level, it's a little bit faster then what we had here. But he did a job good."

And friends say Johnson isn't just a star on the field but in the classroom, in the hallways, and with young kids.

"He was a mentor to kids," says Carver volleyball player Taylor Fleming. "I know my little brother looked up to him as a quarterback and he was just a great guy in general."

Brandon Murphy played alongside Johnson last year when Carver's basketball team won the State Championship. He tells us he believes Johnson inspires other athletes.

"It's really good, especially when you come from Carver and everybody has something to say about this little school but it's good."

Nick Marshall will be Auburn's starting quarterback this weekend against Texas A&M but there's no doubt that some want to see Johnson lead the team again.





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