Cavanaugh Wins PSC Race; Says "She Won't Let Alabama Down"


By Jessica Gertler

Cavanaugh kept a close eye on the polls and when she and her supporters found out the results, excitement filled the room.

Cavanaugh has been on the PSC Commission since 2010, but come Wednesday morning, she will have a new role.

Cavanaugh says she's the right woman for the job, and won't let Alabama down.

"My promise was that I would make Alabama Public Service Commission one more tool in our state's economy tool belt, and I believe we need to make jobs our number one priority at the commission," Cavanaugh says. "We can do that by keeping utility rates lowest in the nation, so that we can recruit industry to the state of Alabama and help the job creators that are currently here expand their businesses."

Cavanaugh also ran against Baxley in 2008 for PSC President, but lost.



In a close race for Public Service Commission President, Republican candidate Twinkle Cavanaugh has won. She defeated incumbent Lucy Baxley.

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