Changes Coming to the NCAA?


By Ellis Eskew

There could be some changes on the way for the NCAA. The governing body of collegiate athletics is considering some new things. And some people say there may even need to be done away with all together.

It's a win for Penn State as the university will now be able to restore its football scholarships after receiving sanctions more than a year ago in the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

Former Arkansas and Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt says it was the right thing.

 "To me, that's a very good decision. For Coach O'Brien and the team to be penalized for something they had nothing to do with... I think it's really good," said Nutt.

But the ruling body of the college athletics has gotten a bad rap lately.
While some schools find favor in a short period of time... Others do not.

"You sit back and watch the University of Miami situation, they're still waiting on a decision. Seems the NCAA is a little understaffed with all they have to check on every single day," said Nutt.

And it could be an indication that changes are needed.
Sports analyst John Longshore says for the past couple of years the NCAA as a governing body has become more of a problem.

"I think the NCAA has really kind of worn out its welcome," said Longshore.

He says it may be time for something new.

"I think there are too many hoops you got to jump through in terms of dealing with the NCAA. If we have one czar so to speak or commissioner of college football, I think it streamlines things a lot more than what we're having to go through today," said Longshore.

The NCAA is discussing some changes, including creating a new big-school bowl division, which would mean splitting up Division One schools.

The organization will begin to vote on some of these changes in January.

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