Is Chuck E. Cheese's the Answer to Eastdale Mall's Problems?


By Jessica Gertler

Some parents say they're concerned to hear that Chuck E. Cheese's is coming to Eastdale Mall in Montgomery. They say the mall isn't safe for children, while others say this is exactly what the mall needs to make a family-friendly comeback. 



There have been several violent videos that were caught on camera in what appears to be Eastdale Mall. Shoppers we spoke with say those videos give the mall a bad reputation, and are concerned that a Chuck E. Cheese's is opening in the same building this summer.

"Sometimes you can see fights," says parent Lameel Doss. "People do not act customer friendly. So for kids to be in this type of environment, I disagree with it."

But Marketing Director Elizabeth Williams says Eastdale Mall is always striving to create a family-friendly environment, and says Chuck E. Cheese's will help achieve that goal.

"Chuck E. Cheese's has a very great program, and a controlled environment for families" she says. "We are so excited that they are coming and will bring more families to the mall."

Jamellia Bray agrees. She says by adding more activities for children, they will be less likely to get into trouble.

"I think it will turn it around," says Bray. "It will bring out more children and families. Make it a better place."

But Doss says she will not be taking her son to the Eastdale Mall location.

"I think it is going to make things worse because of the atmosphere," she says. "There are a lot of young people here that get dropped off without parental control. It's just out of control."


No word on whether the Chuck E. Cheese's location on East-South Blvd. will be closing, but we have been told that employees can make the switch to the new location. 


The 1,300 sq. ft. restaurant will also have a separate entrance facing the outside of the mall. It will be next to Dillard's department store. 

A spokesperson with Chuck E. Cheese's says they will offer updated games and design in the new location. 






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