Montgomery City Leaders Discuss Issues for 2013


By Ellis Eskew

The City of Montgomery takes a look at some of the issues it will bring in to the new year.

Police are now investigating Montgomery's 32nd homicide.

It happened last Thursday when a man wrecked his car after being shot.

Mayor Todd Strange says the city's crime rate is something they continue to study.

"Murders are very difficult. It's a crime of passion.... We have more police officers now than ever had in our history and I hope that we complete this year at that number," said Strange.

Strange says in the meantime he is partnering with other agencies and discussing gun regulation.

"We are working with our faith based organizations. We are working with psychologists and universities to really begin to try to understand. We are working with our mental health associations to get beds so those with mental illness can reside and not just have the street," said Strange.

We also talked to Strange about the latest on the Montgomery Mall to hold city and county offices.

The city wants to move the Governor's Square branch of the public library into the center portion of the mall. It will be joined by a police and fire facility and possibly a technology school.

"There is a contract proposal for sale that conceivably be executed at the end of this year. Every day this week we have had some conversation about it," said Strange.

Strange says he has high expectations for the mall in the next few months.






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