City of Troy Launches Spring Cleanup Campaign


By Brittany Bivins

The City of Troy is getting ready for some serious Spring cleaning. City Council members say they're taking extra steps this month to encourage the community to clean up.

Dejerilyn King Henderson represents District 5 on the Troy City Council. That area runs from downtown Troy to the US 231 underpass, and it includes many historical buildings and local governmental offices, as well as several blocks of homes and businesses. Henderson says she ran for office on the promise that she'd help clean up the area.

"We have quite a few older homes in the district that are in disrepair, so we're in the process of maybe having those homes condemned so they can be torn down and removed, and possibly later replaced with new homes," said Henderson.

Troy's downtown area and grounds are maintained by a grounds crew from City Hall, but residences and business buildings are the responsibility of the owners.

Some people in District 5, like Faye Gosha, agree there's work to do in that department. "I think that it's a problem. As I ride through and I look, 'cause I'm a person that likes to see things look well, and I think it could be a lot better in this area," said Gosha.

Henderson says she also wants to clamp down on junk cars in people's yards, a common sight in District 5.

"That's a really big pet peeve with me, because I feel like if the automobile doesn't work anymore, get rid of it, we have great organizations that are willing to accept those automobiles," said Henderson.

Henderson says there's already an ordinance on the books banning abandoning cars. She says in June, the city will begin enforcing that.

"Once you get that ticket, you'll have so much amount of time to settle that ticket, and if you don't settle that ticket, you're going to probably come home one day and find that junk automobile has disappeared. It's going to the junkyard," she said.

Mikey McNally, who works nearby, says cleaning up a little could do a lot for Troy's curb appeal.

"Some neighborhoods are kinda sketchy to go down since they've got junk cars and stuff, but you know, it cleans up, you know, it'd be nicer in that neighborhood," said McNally.

City officials say they're also organizing events to help make the cleanup more fun for Troy residents. In District 5, the person with the most improved yard by June will win a $50 gift card to Lowe's.


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