City of Troy Needs Help Funding New Miracle League Park


By Brittany Bivins


A new park for special-needs children is on the way to Troy. There's just one step left: getting the money together to begin construction. Now city leaders are turning to the community for help.

Parents of special-needs kids say the Miracle League Park will make a huge impact on their children's lives. But they say so far, fundraising for the project has been challenging.

In September, the State approved a $50,000 grant to build the new playground at Troy Sportsplex, and the City kicked in matching funds, but it's still not quite enough.

"We have a total of $110,000 raised to this point of a $200,000 goal. And we have a short window of fundraising, we have to have all of the money raised within about 4 months," said Dan Smith, Director of Parks and Recreation.

It's up to parks officials and park advocates to do that. That includes people like Paige Langford, whose daughter Payton has cerebral palsy and can't use her left side or traditional playground equipment. She's already started the search for potential sources of funding. "It has been slow-going. I think, you know, you're going into Thanksgiving and Christmas, and a lot of people thinking other people have donated, and that we all have all the money, but we're still short," said Langford.

Park officials say anyone can make a donation to help build the miracle league park, no matter where they live, and they say no amount is too small to make a difference. If you can help, contact Dan Smith at Troy Parks and Recreation at (334) 566-4031.

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