Coaches, Athletes Come Together to Remember AD Mal Moore


By Ashley Thompson

Legendary University of Alabama Athletic Director Mal Moore was remembered today with a ceremony in Tuscaloosa. Athletes, coaches, friends and family came together to honor him.

In 1999, Mal Moore was hired to head Alabama's athletic department. He served in the position for over 13 years and was a part of 10 National Championship Football Teams. Of all his accomplishments, some say his best was his hiring of winning football coach Nick Saban. Saban says Moore made the job hard to turn down.

"It was very important to me to work for somebody that was the kind of man who was genuine and that you can trust," says Saban. "And the honesty and integrity he had really made it difficult to say no."

Moore made it difficult for other coaches at Alabama to say no as well. Gymnastics coach Sarah Patterson, a 4-time NCAA coach of the year, credits Moore with making Alabama athletics competitive.

"He provided opportunity for me to compete at the highest level with our team," says Patterson. "For all these teams at the university to be at a championship level."

Moore also provided opportunity for countless athletes. Former Alabama and NFL quarterback Richard Todd says Moore played several roles.

"He was my coach, he was my personal friend, he was a mentor, somebody you could talk to as a player," says Todd. "I talked to him a lot after football and in the business world. I know a lot of players he's helped with jobs."

Mal Moore has been a part of the institution for over 50 years. Men's Golf Coach Jay Seawell says Moore is remembered for transforming the athletic department.

"The Crimson Tide is something more than just athletics," says Seawell. "There's a personality to it. There's a soul and I think that's what his legacy will always be. I think he taught all of us the soul of Alabama."

Bill Battle succeeded Mal Moore as the new athletic director for Alabama. Battle played alongside Moore under coach Paul 'Bear' Bryant.

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