Community Improvement Grant Approved For Greenville, McKenzie and Ft. Deposit


By Catalina Trivino

People in Greenville, McKenzie and Fort Deposit can thank Governor Bentley for that grant, which will help change the face of their communities.

Walking-- it's part of Helen Oliver's daily routine at Dunbar Park in Greenville. She's been coming here for over 15 years.

"Thank God almighty! We're going to get this done!" Said Oliver. But what's making her this excited?

It's $250,000 being invested towards improvement to Dunbar and Beeland Park, which is also in Greenville.

The grant will upgrade facilities, inside and out; basketball goals will be replaced; concession stands will be improved; and an unused swimming pool will turn into a pavilion and a picnic area -- but Oliver's favorite upgrade? New lights.

"You know, it can be kind of dark and you have to worry about, 'oh I've got to make these laps around fast,' so you know, I think that will be excellent to do them," Said Oliver about the upgrade on the lighting system.

They're purposely being placed on the two fields near the trail to light a safer path for walkers. All improvements Mayor, Dexter McLendon, says will bring life back to the parks.

"The thought of us being able to take some of these facilities that I played on and I coached on and to do something about it, it's a real passion that we have, that all of us have to improve our facilities," Said McLendon.

And water in McKenzie, might soon taste better.

"The water is hard and heavy. [It] has a lot of mineral content to it," Said McKenzie resident, Jason Wittle.


$350,000 will go to installing new water lines. Something Wittle says has been a long time coming.

"The system is starting to deteriorate. I mean, the water lines are blowing in places. I mean, we've had leaks here, you know, and that water system is really deep too. You know, it needs to be brought up closer to the surface and it needs to be repaired because they're just patching section after section," Said Wittle.


From that grant, Fort Deposit has received $250-thousand dollars to build a new senior citizens center. The center will be a 1,900 sq. ft. building, a place the city hopes will be somewhere for seniors to socialize.


Residents in South and Central Alabama will be seeing some improvements in their community -- $850,000 worth.

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