Community Remembers Slain Holtville Woman


By Alabama News Network

The murder of Anna Cardwell is still on the minds of many in the area around Holtville. 

And many say they're glad to see justice served.


The Elmore County Sheriff's Office says Josh Caspari drove to 20-year-old Anna Cardwell's home and shot her four times.
When authorities arrived, she was already dead.
To this day, it's had an impact on people who live nearby.
"For a small city, it's unbelievable what things happen. It took everybody by surprise," said Wetumpka resident Preston Rye. 
Laura Pritchett met Cardwell before she was killed in 2012. She says she's glad to see the case over.
'If he did it, yeah, I think he deserves it. I'm sorry, but I'm a firm believer in eye for an eye. If you hurt somebody you should get punished," said Pritchett. 
Caspari was charged with capital murder, so the death penalty had been a possible outcome. Preston Rye thinks that the life in prison without parole sentence Caspari got is a worthy punishment. 
"I believe in capitol punishment. And I think since he plead guilty, that's a fair sentence," said Rye.

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