Concordia College Football Moves On After Bus Fire


By Josh Ninke

The Concordia College football team suffered a big loss this weekend before they could even make it to the football field.
But this week they're already looking ahead to Thursday for what they hope to be a big win.
The team was on Hwy 219 on their way to play Miles College in Birmingham when Head Coach Don Lee says two tires blew out and the bus caught fire. 
"We thought it wasn't serious but we seem the flames going and we're getting everybody off and we had to leave the bus just as we were. So we had to leave pretty much everything on the bus there. But we got everybody off. Everybody was safe," said Lee. 
Coach Lee says the team lost basically all of their equipment, including helmets, pads, even video cameras along with personal belongings.
He says it's already been a tough week trying to replace everything and figuring out just who's liable for the loss.
"It's tough to order this much equipment in just two days. It's been tough. I've been working since yesterday," said Lee. 
But the team is more focused than ever.
Coach Lee says he was impressed when this morning at 5:30, everyone showed up ready to play. 
That includes Troy Griggs, one of the players on the bus. He says this morning's practice was one of their best, despite the fact that they didn't have equipment.
"There was a lot more movement. Everbody was focused. Everybody was locked in. Everybody was getting to the ball. Offense was moving, defense was pursuing.  Everything seems to be clicking," said Griggs.  
The team is scheduled to play the University of West Alabama this Thursday at 7 pm.

The team missed Saturday's game against Miles College, but that won't hurt their season. Coach Lee says they always schedule an extra game in case something like this happens.

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