Work Begins on Historic Webber Building in Downtown Montgomery


By Ellis Eskew

Nearly 3 million dollars worth of construction and renovations are underway at the historic webber building in downtown montgomery.

The building was home to a theater-- then a department store-- but now it will take on a new purpose.

"what made this building is not here anymore. The shell is really the only historical thing left," said David Payne with Payne, Lee and Associates Architects LLC.

From the outside... it will continue its historical look with the same Webber's sign.
But on the inside... the four story building is undergoing major renovations.

" All the windows will be out and all the floor will be gone and we'll be in there banging away," said Payne.

The building has already gone through some mold and asbestos remediation.

The first floor of the building in the 1860's was used for a variety of businesses.

"This was a mixed use space then.There was a post office, a barber shop and a place called Hole in the Wall Jr. Saloon," said Payne.

Now, Payne says there will be two restaurants coming. Momma Goldberg's Deli is one of them.

"You're on now the second level, which our office will actually be here and additional office space over there," said Payne.
The offices will be in the very spot where performers and prominent statesmen from across the south engaged audiences  with their performances and speeches in the Montgomery theater.

The plans also include third floor apartments and lofts...ranging from 900 to 1200 square feet, which will face Monroe Street.

In the meantime, the demolition continues...

"we're trying to save as much as the original structure as we can," said Payne. renovate and re-purpose a piece of Montgomery history.

Renovations are expected  to be finished in nine months.


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