Meeting Set to Discuss Thompson's Future with Montgomery Public Schools


By Ellis Eskew

The Montgomery County School Board called a special meeting for Wednesday coming as a surprise to board president Eleanor Dawkins.

 "The meeting that has been called tomorrow was called without my knowledge and, in my mind, circumventing me," said Dawkins.

Dawkins says she is not even sure about the purpose of the meeting.

"I wanted an amicable parting of ways, if you will. If that's what it came to, but wanted it done properly," said Dawkins.

Board member Beverly Ross says she knew nothing about the meeting until the media called her.

"The meeting was scheduled for next week. We could have waited til next week. I did not understand the rush. Why? Why now?" said Ross.

Montgomery City Council President Charles Jinwright says he was confused as well.

"I was told there would be a meeting today (Tuesday) at 1:30 then it wasn't today and then it was tomorrow at noon. It may not be tomorrow at noon either. I don't know whether it's going to happen then. So I think there is a lot of discussion individually between board members trying to decide what they really want to do," said Jinwright.

Last week  State Superintendent Tommy Bice met with the Montgomery County School Board and suggested a monitor for the board to help make things more transparent in light of the grade changing allegations. But that was all that was mentioned according to Mayor Todd Strange.

 "There was really no mention of the necessity from Bice's standpoint for the superintendent to not be in that particular role," said Strange.

For now Thompson's fate remains in the board's hands and may be decided very soon.

Board member Heather Sellers says the board's attorney is negotiating with Thompson's attorney. There is a special meeting called for Wednesday at noon to discuss more details.


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