Could Prattville Use Another High School?


By Ashley Thompson

Prattville has more than 450 seniors in their 2013 graduating class and the school appears to be at capacity with more than two thousand students.

"It's too crowded," says senior Michael Peters. "It's about thirty kids per classroom and you don't get one-on-one time with the teacher."

Other seniors say another high school in Prattville is necessary to accommodate the growing student body.

"Have like the sophomores and freshman and the juniors and seniors go to another," says another senior, Charles Moonheyman.

Autauga County Schools Superintendent Spence Agee says he doesn't think another high school is needed. He says this year 82 seniors will graduate with a score of 26 or higher on the ACT. Even with crowded classrooms, he says Prattville High School's 2013 graduating class is the most academically successful in the history of Autauga County.

"I think they provide a wonderful educational experience for the students so why change a tire if it's not flat?" Agee asks. "I don't think we need a new high school in Prattville."

When asked how such a large student body is managed, Principal Richard Dennis credits his staff and the community.

"A lot of dedicated teachers and staff, they make that part easy," he says. "We have tremendous support from our community and our parents and the families that are involved."

Charmene Griffin is one of those supporting Prattville high School. She tells us her son is one of more than 450 seniors graduating but still, she says she doesn't support another high school in Prattville.

"I think Prattville high school has a great fan base and if you do that, you will just split it up. I think its a small enough community where one school will be fine."


There are four assistant principals, four counselors, and 103 teachers currently working at Prattville High School.


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