Could the Alabama Music Hall of Fame Come to the Capital City?


By Jessica Gertler

Alabama's music hall of fame could be moving from Tuscumbia in northwest Alabama to a larger city. Montgomery is one of the cities hoping to get this attraction.

Right now, Montgomery is up against Huntsville and Birmingham. 

City leaders met today to devise a plan and will send in their proposal this week.

"It makes all the sense in the world to have it hear in Montgomery," says Dawn Hathcock with the Chamber of Commerce. "We have such a great entertainment district downtown that it just would fit in."

Montgomery resident Joshua Pittman also started a campaign to bring the music facility to Montgomery. 

He created a YouTube video to spread the word.

"It kind of snowballed from there. Now we are having real meetings and real discussions," he says.

Because of financial problems, the Alabama Hall of Fame shut its doors in Tuscumbia in Northwest Alabama with no plans to reopen.


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