Counterfeit Cash in Crenshaw Co.


By Catalina Trivino

Counterfeit cash is making its way across Crenshaw county - and the Sherriff's Office is investigating.

It's a warning for businesses-- take a good look at the money your customer is handing you because there have been several reports of counterfeit bills...

And they've been turning up at several Crenshaw county businesses in the last few weeks. Investigators say the funny money has hit businesses along highway 331 in the Highland Home area, including places like Citgo, Dollar General and First Citizen Bank.

Take a look at this video we obtained from one of the businesses that was hit with counterfeit cash: you can see two people police believe are responsible for using the fake money at Nelson's Grocery Store.

Nelson's employee, Traci Johns, says the hundred dollar bill she received felt different, leading her to report the incident immediately.

"Of course I check all hundreds, but I didn't even have to mark it. Just holding it up at the light I'd seen that it was wrong," Said Johns. "And then when he left and they were together, I decided to check the twenty and I got it out of the drawer to check it and it was counterfeit too."

And Citgo Employee, Tiffany Jackson, is shocked with the string of fake cash that's been circling the area.

"I think it's crazy -- like it don't make absolutely no sense to me when you can just go out and get a job and make real money," Said Jackson.

But Chief Criminal Investigator Ronnie White says there are ways to detect whether a bill is counterfeit.

"The sharpness of the bill, the sharpness of the printing, it's got a color change in ink at the bottom of all twenties. It goes from a gold to a green color if you turn it to the light," Said White.

Now, White also advises businesses to pay close attention to their cash -- even when lines get long -- because that's when they're most likely to get hit with the counterfeit money.

The Crenshaw County Sherriff's Office is asking you to be on the look out for any counterfeit money. If you have any information, you can contact them at 335-6695.

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