County Health Rankings: Dallas, Perry, Lowndes and Wilcox Counties Among the Most Unhealthy in the State


By George McDonald

An annual report that examines the health and well being of people living in nearly every county in the country shows some rural counties in west Alabama rank among the lowest in the state.

Several agencies in West Alabama are working to reduce some of the key factors that contribute to the low ranking and poor health conditions in rural counties.

The Rural Health Medical Program operates several clinics that provide medical and dental services in several rural Black Belt counties. Robert Jackson is the Chief Executive Officer.

"Rural health, the need to do rural health, it is a mission. It is a life long mission for many people who have stepped into this arena. It can be done, it must be done," said Jackson.

Alabama Strategic Alliance for Health is a program working to promote healthier lifestyles through better nutrition and physical activity.


To see the rankings for the County where you live, go here

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