Rescue Crews Search for Missing Swimmer in Tallapoosa River


By Ellis Eskew

Tallassee crews search the Tallapoosa River for a missing man Thursday evening.

Tallassee Police say they got the call around 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
They say 4 people were fishing in the river when the current became too strong and swept one of them away.
Rescue crews searched the river for several hours for the missing man.
While police are not releasing the victims name, we do know that he is a 28 year old white male from Wetumpka.

Police Chief Jimmy Rodgers says, "Sometimes they don't take heed of the warning signs we have here offering suggestions to wear flotation devices and stuff like that. And in this case, neither of the four individuals were wearing flotation devices."

Tallassee Mayor Bobby Payne was also on the scene.

"My heart and feelings and prayers go out to the unfortunate young man, just right in the prime of his life ready to get out and go. So very, very sorry," said Payne.

Chief Rodgers says the search will continue at dawn Friday.

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