Crime Rate in Selma Continues to Drop


By George McDonald

From the West Alabama Newsroom--  The city of Selma has seen a reduction in the rate of violent crime over the past year and the city's top cop says it continues to drop.

Police Chief William Riley says a major drug sweep conducted in the city about a year ago has been a big factor in the drop in the crime rate.

Riley says more than forty drug offenders were taken off the street during the sweep -- and the city is still reaping the benefits more than a year later.

"I feel safe when I go in stores and shop,"said Dallas County resident Melvinea Cochran. "I'm glad crime is down here in Selma."

"I agree there is a drop in crime here but I'm by no means trying to say that everything is okay," said Selma resident Joseph Bumbrey.

Riley says more involvement from the community to identify criminal activity - and to help solve crime is another factor in the drop in the crime rate.

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