Dallas Co. Elementary School Set to Close at the End of the Year


By George McDonald

The Dallas County School Board voted to close Shiloh Elementary School in Sardis Monday night.

The closure is expected to save the school district more than 300-thousand dollars a year -- but not everyone is happy about it.

Annie Williams of Selmont went to Shiloh in the 70's.

"Why it always have to come down to money, what about the kids? Every time I look at the news, it's money about this and money about that, what about the kids?" said Williams.

Board President William Minor says the decision was based on the dwindling student population at the school.

We're not in business to save money, but we're in business to put our dollars where we can get the best results from.

It's the second year in a row the Dallas Co. School system has closed one of its schools. The school district closed Five points Elementary School in Orrville last year for the same reason.

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