Dallas Co. Sportsplex Buglarized and Vandalized


By George McDonald

From the West Alabama Newsroom--  The search is on for a thief who stole more than 20-thousand dollars worth of equipment from the Dallas County Sportsplex.

Authorities say the perpetrators also vandalized the facility-- and did several thousands of dollars worth of damage. They say whoever committed the crimes seem to be familiar with the facility.

"The baseball field is set in a rural area which leads us to believe that somebody knew this property was there," said Dallas County investigator Mike Grantham.

"We have recovered some evidence, stuff's going to be processed at our local forensics lab, some fingerprints, we recovered some items that either they dropped behind or either they can't carry any longer, that stuff will be sent off for analysis."

If you have any information concerning the crime call the Dallas County Sheriff's Office at 874-2530.

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