Bird Dog Trainer in Bullock Co. Receives National Attention


By Alabama News Network

Dog owners trust Ramin Jackson to turn their pet into a hunter's bestfriend. 
Ramin Jackson said, "It takes a lot of patience."
Patience to work for upwards of 2 months training hunting dogs different skills like pointing- or alerting a hunter to game.
Ramin said, "I trained one dog and he picked up a hundred dollar bill and ran off with it but I didn't teach him that haha." 
But, sometimes the unexpected happens, like a request Geoffery Norman made after Ramin spent months training his dog Woodrow. 
Maxine Jackson, Ramin's wife said, "we didn't know that Mr. Norman was a writer." Ramin said,
"I found out he was going to write a story in the magazine..."
And not just any magazine, a multi-page spread in Garden & Gun, reaching more than 700,000 readers. 
Ramin said, "I felt like I hit a home run out of Yankee stadium."
And the tourism council thinks this is a way to put Bullock County even more on the map. 
Executive Director Tourism Council Midge Putnam said, "It relates Union Springs and Bullock County as far as bird dogs are concerned the way that it does with Bordeaux and wine. And I just thought that was very interesting and neat, we want to encourage people from all over to come visit Union Springs and to see what we have to offer." 
Ramin said, "I had no idea nobody was going to look down in Union Springs to find little old me. You know some people say I am a good dog trainer but I just let my work speak for me."


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