Man In Mental Health Facility After Dogs Found Tied Up


By Sarah Cantey

UPDATE: Pike County Sheriff Russell Thomas said the suspect was taken into custody and is now in a mental health facility. The dogs are in great condition and will be adopted out. The sheriff said they already know people interested in adopting the three dogs.


Three dogs are recovering after being found yesterday tied up by cords and with duct tapes around their muzzles and paws. IIf neighbors hadn't heard the barking coming from this abandoned building, the three dogs would probably not be alive.

What Bobby Middleton saw inside the abandoned Ebenezer school, made him sick to his stomach

Bobby said, "I hated seeing that I ain't seen that on TV...somebody with a mean spirit to do that to a little dog."

Three dogs tied up, tape around their muzzles and paws.

Bobby said, "But one of them got the tape off his muzzle that's why we could hear him barking...I can't imagine somebody sitting down and actually going through the process of taping a dogs mouth up. You know, I can't imagine that."

But Pike County Sheriff Russell Thomas could imagine someone capable.

Pike County Sheriff Russell Thomas said, "We are familiar with this individual we have dealt with him before, so we are going to try to find the best resolution for him and us."

And as the investigation continues, the suspect's name is not being released...Now the sheriff is working with the probate court and mental health officials.

Sheriff Thomas said, "Case like this it instantly signals that this is a person that probably has other problems. And if not dealt with properly and immediately it could escalate into possibly a person being hurt or injured or treated like this. You know it could very easily turn into a child being in that school or an adult."

As for the dogs, well, they can thank the neighbors for their lives.

Bobby said, "So the deal was, they were going to sit in their and die in a couple of days if my neighbor hadn't of heard them. Thank god she did and so maybe the dogs will be looked after now."

The sheriff says they know the owners for two of the dogs. He says that they were not involved so they will not be facing any charges. Charges are pending for the suspect.

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