Early Opposition For Rep. Alvin Holmes


By Josh Ninke

Alvin Holmes now has to compete with political newcomer Tijuanna Adetunji. She says that it's time for change in their district. 

This mother of four works as an insurance agent, but she says she's worked with the legislature on behalf of young women through her church. That experience led her to run for Alvin Holmes state house seat as a Republican. 
"I would go down to the state house to advocate about certain bills and when I would speak with legislators they weren't speaking my language," said Adetunji.
But this isn't going to be an easy race for her. Democrat Alvin Holmes is the state's longest serving lawmaker, starting his career back in 1974. He says he wasn't even going to run for re-election, but the republican party pulled him back in. 
"They want everything. And they will try to take everything. And I'm going to fight them day and night to make sure they don't take anything," said Rep. Holmes. 
He says the big issue he wants to address is the state budget. He wants to make sure it's not the poor who get hit with more taxes
"We got to have more money for the state of alabama. And where are they going to get the money? They gonna have to come up with more taxes, and the question is going to exist who they are going to tax?" said Rep. Holmes.
Adetunji hopes to bring more jobs to the state if she's elected, particularly for those fresh out of college and convicts who have served their time. 
"When people get out of prison, what gets them back there is unfortunately they can't find gainful employment. They don't know how to reconnect with society so they end up back in the same place," said Adetunji.
She says she's starting her campaign now because she says it's going to be hard to compete with Holme's name recognition.

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