Emergency Repair In Troy


By Sarah Cantey

 The Troy Wastewater Treatment Plant needed a $45,000 repair. 

An aerator, almost 20 years old, failed and if it wasn't fixed it could have impacted the water being poured back into Walnut Creek. 
No chemicals are used at the plant. The treatment process relies on bacteria. And that bacteria can't survive without oxygen, supplied by aerators like the one that broke. 
Plant Manager Dave Fiveash said, "If you remove the oxygen from the plant it would be like a huge septic tank our there and have a lot of odors out there and cause problems in the environment."
Right now the city is renting the new aerator. If they decide they want to buy it, all the money spent renting will be taken out of the final cost. Residents water and sewer rates will not be affected. 

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