Evans Wins Second Term as Mayor in Selma


By George McDonald

Selma Mayor George Evans wins re-election in a tough race against former Selma mayor James Perkins.

Evans was greeted with chants of four more years as he made his entrance into his campaign's victory party celebration at the St. James Hotel.

Evans was able to increase on a narrow lead-- and solidify a hard fought victory by winning the final box about two to one.

"My vision has been and always will be working together that's all and I just believe that what we're seeing thus far in these three and a half years is that progress taking place because people believe in our city as a whole, you believe in the city, I believe in the city, we all believe in it and as a result we've made a lot of progress in spite of the economy being what it is," he said.   

Evans thanked his supporters and told them now that the election is over-- it's time to go back to work.


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