Expansion Brings Jobs To Bullock County


By Sarah Cantey

A Bullock County company expands, bringing more jobs to a county with an unemployment rate well above the states average. 

"To Your Health Sprouted Flour Company" started as a hobby of Peggy Sutton's in 2005 and has grown into the largest organic-sprouted flour manufacturer in the entire country. They have 15 employees right now and are adding 4 more with the addition of their second building. 
That may seem like a small number, but Bullock County leaders say 1 job coming to Bullock County is the equivalent of 30 jobs coming to Montgomery. The owners are also hoping to promote a healthy lifestyle. 
Peggy Sutton, Founder, President said, "I think we've all come to realize that our quality of health has to do with the nutrition and the foods that we eat. We try to be an educational unit."
The company hopes to continue to grow. Right now they are exporting across the globe and the large retailer-Whole Foods Markets carries their products. 

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