Family Of Greenville Homicide Victim Speaks Out


By Amanda Wade

The heartbroken family of Ashley McDonald speaks out today about her murder early Sunday morning in Greenville.

A mother is left grieving for her young daughter, Ashley McDonald, who was shot and killed yesterday morning in what investigators are calling a wreckless act.

Several Greenville community members say they are still shocked by the murder of 24 year old, Ashley McDonald.

Neighbor, Aji James, says, “She left behind a young daughter and it's just sad, it really is.”

Denise McDonald, Ashley's mother, says she received a call early Sunday morning telling her she needed to get to Cunningham Street because her daughter had been shot, “And they [were] doing CPR on her, and I screamed and I got in my car, and went down there.”

Police say that she was shot at a party and that's not a trend in Greenville. They have arrested Jamaal Taylor, on one count of murder and two on attempted murder.

Greenville Police Chief, Lonzo Ingram says, “It's not uncommon when the weather is nice for people to sit out in the front yard, play cards, play dominoes, those kind of things, but unfortunately this stretched out into the night, alcohol was involved, and a firearm. So this is the end result.”

Community members and McDonald's family all say that she was well known as a very kind and warm hearted person, who would do anything for anyone.

It's painful, hurtful, I'm numb. It's like it's a dream. Like it's a fairytale dream, it's not true,” Says Denise McDonald.

The family tells us that the victim's toddler does not understand that her mother isn't coming home.

A memorial is being schedule for this Saturday in Ashley McDonald's memory. 

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