Fans Pack River Region Restaurants for SEC Championship Game


By Brittany Bivins

The Tide may have taken the title, but today was a big win for local businesses, too. Before kickoff, hundreds of people gathered at restaurants and sports bars to watch one of the biggest games of the year.

For Alabama fans, the SEC championship game brought high and lows, making for an emotional night in sports bars and restaurant like Mugshots in Montgomery. "The first half of the game, there was kind of these ups and downs, like the first half of the game, it kind of looked like Georgia was going to take it home," said Lauren Dozier, an Alabama fan.

"It's been amazing. I get to cheer when everybody else is quiet and everybody gets loud when I don't have to cheer," said Kevin Williams, who was rooting for the Bulldogs.

It's a night restaurant managers have been preparing for all week. "It's really great for the people that work here, they get the opportunity to have more guests and make more money and you know, we also get a chance to grow our name as well," said Bobby Garner, francshise owner for Mughsots in Montgomery.

He says they had twice the usual mount of everything. Staff, drinks, and of course, burgers. "Today has been a great day. It's been a madhouse. We've had everybody here, kind of hanging out and like, one big party and it's got 250 people partying pretty much the entire game," said Jaret McKissick, who was watching the game at Mugshots.

Fans say it's the atmosphere that brought them out, but the intense action that made them stay. In the end, they say, it was worth it. "I'm pumped, I'm thrilled. I'm glad we have another SEC championship," said Dozier.

No matter what happens on the gridiron, for restaurants and bars in the River Region, games like these will always be a win.

Employees at Mugshots told us that since they opened a few weeks ago, they've seen large crowds for all the big local games, but Saturday was the busiest one so far.


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