Fans come from Near and Far to Georgiana's Hank Williams Festival


By Ellis Eskew

The 34th Annual Hank Williams Festival kicked off in Georgiana Friday evening.

The bands take center stage as the Hank Williams Festival kicks off in Georgiana.
As food vendors get ready to serve up some tasty treats...
Fans that have come from near and far can't help but move to the beat.

"This is a getaway from all my work and worries and I get to hear the most wonderful music," said Marjorie Tyson, who came from North Carolina.

It's music like Jerry and Lisa Queen's that keeps them coming back year after year....

"Everybody should come. This is where classic music meets every generation of music lovers. You see people from 4 to 92 or older. It's just a great feeling to be a part of it," said Lisa Queen.

It's all to pay tribute to Georgiana's own country music legend Hank Williams.

 "It's just a great thing, one of the great founders in my book of country music," said fan Susie Till.

And though its beginnings were small...

"It was started on the streets of Georgiana on the back of a flatbed trailer," said performer Leroy Thomas.

Today it's grown to attract music fans from all over that come for the music and that good ol' southern hospitality.

 "Awesome people. They make you feel at home. They treat you like family and with all the music and good times it is a good getaway to just have fun," said Pam Felix.

This year organizers say there will be more local entertainers along with those who travel from out of town.
But no matter the changes, the fans and performers say the Hank Williams Festival just keeps getting better and better.

 "As long as you can keep it going, keep it traditional and keep it country that brings new young fans into it and keeps it growing and just gets stronger every year," said performer Brad Magnass.

Gates open Saturday at 8am, tickets are 25 dollars.

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