Feds Raid Santuck Flea Market


By Sarah Cantey

 Federal and local agents raided the Santuck Flea Market in Wetumpka. 

About one hundred agents were rounding up thousands of boxes of what they are calling counterfeit goods. Estimated to be worth $2.4 million. 
Hundreds of people look forward to the flea market every first Saturday of the month. But, this time a sight out of the norm- law enforcement out in full force, boxing up merchandise that almost looks like the real deal. 
Bryan Cox, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said, "Everything from Louis Vittuon, Prada, Coach, Nike. Clothing, electronics, shoes, really runs the spectrum of name brand goods that are counterfeit."
Officials knew exactly what they were looking for, the raid came after a lengthy investigation. Federal officials say counterfeit goods are not just taking money away from trade marked companies, but also threaten our nation. 
"Dollars that go towards counterfeit merchandise are routinely diverted to other black market goods, which support criminal enterprises. So it could go to everything from to further illegal activity, transfers overseas in a variety of purposes that harm the national security of the United States," Cox said. 
All the alleged counterfeit goods were seized and charges may of may not come in the future. That's up to state and federal prosecutors.
Officials say 47 vendors had counterfeit merchandise. A few illegal immigrants were also taken into custody. 

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